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Head coach/Team director:

Gavril Hristov – [email protected]

  • Level 3 PSIA
  • 1993 – 1997 Attended National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Bachelor degree: Alpine Ski Coach and Physical Education Teacher
  • 1997 – 2002 Ski Instructor – Borovets Resort, Bulgaria
  • 2002-2003: Coach at Quantum Ski Club – Breckenridge, Colorado
  • 2004 – 2019: Coach at Cascade Mountain Ski Team

Coaching staff:

Dave Holm – [email protected]

  • Instructor at Cascade since 1979, Race coach since 1994.
  • PSIA level 3
  • Coaching level one college racer 4 years, team took 2nd at nationals.
  • Nastar hdcp 2 when I was young 15. Coach each fall at Breckenridge, CO for Hartford Handicapped Race Festival

Glenn Knight – [email protected]

  • Started instructing at Cascade in 1975
  • PSIA certified 1979.
  • level 2 PSIA certification.
  • Attended level 1 USSA coaches Clinic 2012.
  • Placed 3rd at Nastar Nationals 2009 and 2010.

Garnet Ward – [email protected]

  • I started skiing at the early age of 6 and got involved in Nastar and High School/College Ski level racing.
  • I have been Involved with Cascade Ski team for the last 4 years helping coach the U8 & U10 racers, on a sport that I love and hope to pass some of that passion on to other junior racers.
  • 2013 – 2016: Coach at Cascade Mountain Ski Team
  • I was a Ski Instructor at Sunburst Ski area and PSIA Certified since 1984 and working on USSA level 100-200 coaching
  • Involved in Ski Racking in College
  • Raced in High School for White Bear Lake, MN

Jasper Kooij – [email protected]

  • Credentials: USSA Level 100 Coach.
  • Involved with the team since 2010
  • Coaching since 2011

Kurt Klemm – [email protected]

  • Involved with the team since 2008
  • Coaching since 2011.
  • USSA level 100 coach

Matt VanderKooi – [email protected]

  • Years on the team:  8
  • Credentials: Level III ski instructor, Level 100 USSA completion.
  • Ski racing background:  Resort trainer for Devil’s head ski school, Assisted in running adult race league program Cannonsburg MI, racer in various programs

Monique Hicks – [email protected]

  • Credentials USSA Level 100 Coach, PSIA member
  • Ski racing background  I grew up LOVING to ski!  When I was an infant, my dad would carry me on his back in a carrier while he skied the bumps.  Obviously, this was before helmets were a concern!  My parents put me on skis when I was 2 and have been sliding down mountains ever since!  I have taught ski lessons and developed skills through PSIA for 7 years.  I got into Race Coaching in Brogans 2nd year on the team because I loved the parents and coaches and wanted to be more involved.  I try to Race NASTAR every weekend and have worked my way up from Bronze to Gold and even had a Platinum a couple times!  I love racing and have won Gold and Silver at NASTAR Nationals over the last 3 years.  I enjoy learning about the technical aspects of skiing and racing…and of course, HAVING FUN while skiing!

Roy Bailey – [email protected]

  • PSIA level 2 instructor, USSA coach Level 100,
  • UW LaCrosse racing 1 year
  • Coaching since 2011

Brad Gabrielse – [email protected]

  • Involved with the team since 2016

Todd Thorn – [email protected]

  • Years on the team: Involved with the junior ski team for the last 17 years.
  • Credentials: Level 100 USSA Coach and USSA official, level 2 PSIA ski instructor
  • Ski racing background: Been a ski instructor for the 25 years and started ski racing in 1992. Have been to the Nastar Nationals in 4 times in the past 15 years.
  • Currently the Nastar Race program Coordinator for Cascade Mountain.
Parent Volunteers:

Kurt Klemm – [email protected]

Vice Chairman
Cory Waterman – [email protected]

Christine Xiaoping Chen – [email protected]

Kirsten Eneix – [email protected] 

Team Tracker

Web site/Communications coordinator
Jasper Kooij – [email protected]

Cape Crusader

T-shirt coordinator

Cascade Race Volunteer Coordinator – Team Coat Coordinator

Cascade Race Gatekeeper Coordinator

Awards Coordinator

End of season Racer Recognition/Picnic coordinator

Team Photographer